Monday, May 21, 2012

From the Learning Rooms

Outside my window... Great soccer weekend!! Soccer May 20, 2012 037

I am thinking...
Soccer May 20, 2012 047 I can't help it - I just love watching Gabe's long hair flow behind him when he runs.
 Soccer playoffs on Saturday morning. Gabe and Sam get over to church to practice music for mass.  

 Noah shows up 20 minutes before mass to serve. Get everyone home after mass to get ready for the

 Dance until 11:00. 
180173 161 Izzy and a dance partner

Sunday attend the last PSR class for the year. Woot!! Piano recital at 2:00 Plant Garden Collapse!

From the learning rooms... Gabe and Noah
  • New Testament Survey  from Homeschool Connections  was completed - now on to an Old Testament Survey also with Homeschool Connections
  • Rosetta Stone Latin 2.  
  • Saxon math for Noah, Algebra I Gabe.  Gabe is ALMOST DONE with Algebra I - on to Geometry probably in the next month. 
  • Apologia Science General for Noah and Physical for Gabe.  Noah took a test yesterday and moves on to Chapter 5 (noting that he already did the end of that book last year).  Gabe will hopefully take a test today after he wakes up from last night's gig. 
  • William Bennett America: American History.  Which is hands down the best history book I've ever read for my kids!
  • Writing Institute assignments, Spelling Power. 
  • Gabe is almost done with his Vocab book!
  • Also reading 
  • Saxon Math 67
  • Apologia Creation Science Anatomy and Physiology - nervous system.
  • Diane Craft right- brain training for language arts and reading. 
  • History with Gabe and Noah
But we will probably finish that and start Farmer Boy this week! Rosie
  • Pathway Readers
  • Saxon Math
  • MCP Phonics
Picture I am Sharing Soccer May 20, 2012 011 Izzy the soccer player turns into Isadora Isadora ready for the ball!

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